Alison Bender Age, Bio, Husband, Boyfriend and Net worth

Alison Bender Age, Bio, Husband, Boyfriend and Net worth

Alison Bender, Age, Bio, Husband, Boyfriend, Net worth

— Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

Broadcast journalist, Football producer and presenter Alison Bender is an experienced freelancer who has served for Chelsea TV, Real Madrid TV and other presenter of global sports. Alison is the presenter of the whole sports broadcasting Channels including Sky Sports News and ESPN. She was born in Bristol , Great Britain on 5th October. However exact year of her birth is not mentioned so there is not much information about her age. Bender is not married or does not have a boyfriend but some sources claims that she was previously married to someone named John Quartironi. Her net worth is assumed to be $6.9 million.

Net Worth and Salary
Alison is a prestigious British sportscaster and has a net worth of whopping $6.9 million. She rose to fame due to her appearance in famous sports channel as presenter, producer and sports commentator which also explains her high salary that adds up to her net worth. According to her biography, Bender graduated from University of Bristol and gained her Bachelor's degree. Alison is known for hosting live match-day shows, headlight shows and has also presented multiple World Cups, Confederations. Bender has been reporting as a presenter for Champion's League since 2004 and is one of the main sportscaster and presenter for the Premier League's Global Channel for the past five seasons. Prior to working at Real Madrid TV and Chelsea TV as a presenter, she served CNBC Europe for six years. Currently, she is working at ESPN as a football reporter. Alison has reached to a respectable and successful position in the Television network due to her devotion and dedication towards her profession which has in return helped her to earn a high income and prestige.

Marital Status and Affairs
Alison's personality is quite mysterious and she prefers to keep people guessing about her private life. Alison is not related to any affairs at present and does not have any news on marriage. She is currently enjoying single and independent life. But it was found out through some sources that she was previously married to someone named John Quartironi. But there has not been any information about her husband or boyfriend and Alison has not spoken anything about John or being married so the news remains ambiguous.

Height and Weight
Alison is considered as one of the most attractive TV personality with her height being 5 feet 10 inches and weighs 63 kgs. Her ideal height and weight complements each other and makes her appear more elegant and charming. She has a laid back personality and a contagious smile. Due to her easy going appearance, Alison looks much younger than her assumed age.

Wiki and Facts
Alison Bender has contributed more than 15 years in the Television industry as a reporter and sportscaster. She is currently working for ESPN and covering reports on Premier League and European football. Alison is active on various social media platforms like Twitter and facebook and has her personal website and her twitter account is @alisonbendertv. More information about her personal life and biography can be found in various Wiki sites.