Amanda Davis  Birthday, Age, Biography, Net worth, Daughter and Husband

Amanda Davis Birthday, Age, Biography, Net worth,Daughter and Husband

Amanda Davis  Birthday, Age, Biography, Net worth, Daughter and Husband

— Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

Amanda Davis Biography
Amanda Davis is a television journalist who is currently working for CBS 46 News in Atlanta. Before working for CBS 46, Davis worked for Fox 5 News for a period of 27 years from 1986 to 2013.She is a graduate of Clark College situated in Atlanta, Georgia. Amanda Davis is famous for the coverage of Coretta Scott King's funeral and interviewing former US president Barack Obama. In 2000, she became the first female host to anchor ‘Wednesday’s Child ' segment produced by the Freddie Mac Foundation. Amanda Davis was under DUI arrest thrice while she was on her job.

Following her first arrest, she left Fox 5 News where she had spent more than a decade. The next time, she was scheduled to debut in the show 'Just a Minute' produced by CBS 46 in June 2015. Again in December 2016, Amanda was arrested for driving under a suspended license. Despite such arrests, Amanda Davis has been widely acknowledged for her work in the field of television journalism. She has been awarded Southeast Emmy Awards and Edward R. Murrow award for her praiseworthy news presenting and coverage.
With reference to biography obtained online, Amanda Davis was born on 1963. She belongs to White ethnicity and grew up in a middle-class family. She prefers to maintain a very low personal profile so details of her family and siblings are not available. She has not mentioned about them in her social media profiles too.
Amanda Davis Birthday
Amanda Davis is one of the notable news presented available in the news field at the moment. With reference to one of the biographies obtained in one of her online profiles published by social Web pages, Amanda Davis celebrates her birthday on 17th October every year. Amanda Davis usually spends her birthday with her family, relatives, and very close friends. She loves partying but doesn't usually organize parties on her birthdays.
How old is Amanda Davis?
Amanda Davis was interested in television hosting since her early age. She always wanted to appear on the silver screen and deliver the news. At the age of 54, Amanda Davis is living her dream. She is delivering news on the highest rated television networks and is considered one of the experienced and skilled news reporters on the scene right now. Even though she has grown old her energy and perseverance towards her job is still the same. She still appears with the same zeal in the television screen as she used to have in the early days of her career.
Who is Her Husband? and Is Amanda Secretly Married?
Amanda Davis has never spoken openly about her personal relationships and Husband. The fact if she has a husband already or is still single is a mystery to many. Though she has never said if she has tied the knot, she has openly spoken about her daughter Melora Rivera who had already made Hollywood debut through movie Sparkle in 2012.

How Much is Amanda’s Net Worth?
Amanda Davis enjoys a huge net worth. Despite being criticised for some behaviors and being arrested for her carelessness, we cannot deny the vivid fact that she definitely rules the news anchoring sector. As she has worked for big names like Fox News and CBS 46, there is no doubt that Amanda Davis is paid a handsome salary which has accounted for her massive net worth.