Angelo Pagan Bio, Wiki, Age, Bio, Net Worth and Height

Angelo Pagan Bio, Wiki, Age, Bio, Net Worth and Height

Angelo Pagan, Bio, Wiki, Age, Bio, Net Worth, Height

— Wednesday, September 6th, 2017

Date of Birth : May 16th, 1968
Age :53 Years old
Short Bio
Angelo Pagan is an actor and businessman by profession born on May 16, 1968 in Puerto Rico. Of Puerto Rican nationality, his ethnicity is white. Angelo Pagan’s bio notions his birth took place in middle class family. Well known for his role in the movie ‘Swordfish’, he has made appearances in some notable TV shows like ‘Midnight Caller’ and films like ‘Dance With Me’. Angelo’s wiki lets us know of his hotel business as well along with acting.  

Net Worth and Salary
When your profession is acting, you are somewhat inclined to and entitled to a humongous wealth to your name. Same is the case with Angelo Pagan, whose net worth of $20million is a massive asset to showcase for the actor’s fine talent and acting skills. The net worth of Angelo is also further boosted by his side businesses such as the restaurant chains he owns. While he is most prominently known as the celebrity husband of the actress-comedian Leah Ramini, he began his career as a small time actor performing in minor roles. He studied high school at San Francisco City College and later graduated from San Francisco State University. Although he hasn’t been featured in a lot of movies, Angelo’s career first came to spotlight when he was featured in the 1998 movie ‘Dance With Me’. He became instantly successful in grabbing the attention of a few leads in film industry. Subsequently, he was cast in the 2001 movie ‘Swordfish’, which featured the likes of Hugh Jackman, Jon Travolta and Halle Berry. Since then, he has acted in films such as ‘Sister’s Keeper’, ‘Almost a Woman’. He can also be seen appearing in the TV reality show “Leah Ramini: It’s All Relative”. Apart from acting, he co-owns the “Vivian’s Mellinum Café” and its branches.

Marital Status
Since more than a decade ago, Angelo Pagan has been married to the beautiful actress and comedian Leah Ramini. Leah was named one of Stuff magazine's "102 Sexiest Women in the World". Having met at a Cuban restaurant, Leah and Angelo started dating and within a short time got married to each other. The couple had their wedding in 2003. Angelo, with wife Leah has a daughter Sofia Bella. The couple lives a jolly life together in their residence in California. Numerous rumors of divorce and cheating scandals between Angelo and wife Leah during those days have eventually proved out to be hoax news.
Height and Weight
Standing at a tall height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 meters), with one’s fascinating looks, it is easy to captivate your audience. Angelo’s decent height also compliments his stocky physique and muscular presence. This is why Angelo is one of the sexiest actors and businessmen around. He has a dark hair and dark brown eyes that go along with a smoldering look. With his gorgeous wife, Angelo makes up for an unbeatable duo.

Wiki and Facts
Alongside a decent financial stature, Angelo has been able to sustain an equally motivating social presence. He is available on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, all in real time. Angelo’s Instagram account has a total of 94K followers accompanied by 700+ posts. And on Twitter, his account which is found by the name @apangelo has around 13K followers. According to these stats and figures, it is quite easy to compile his social media craze and recognition. More details can be obtained from the wiki sites of Angelo Pagan.