Ann Sanders Bio, Age, Weight, height, Husband and Married

Ann Sanders Bio, Age, Weight, height, Husband and Married

Ann Sanders, Bio, Age, Weight, height, Husband, Married

— Monday, March 27th, 2017

Date of Birth : Mar 15th, 1960
Age :61 Years old
Married :Andrew Strokon
Height :5 feet 4 inches
Early life and career
Australian Television journalist Ann Sanders was born on 15th March 1960 in Australia. According to Ann Sanders bio, she had a very pleasant childhood. She belongs to English ethnicity with Australian nationality. She was raised in intellectual environment. Ann Sanders began her career as a weather presenter at SAS-7. She shifted to Sydney and joined Network Ten where she was appointed as news presenter and customer reporter. She remained for 5 years at Network Ten. In 1988, she rejoined Seven Network. Later she joined Chernobyl where she covered radiation fall-out disaster. During her career, she reported major events like Funeral of Princess Diana, Tasmania’s Port Arthur massacre, Waterfall train disaster and 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Achievements and Net worth
During her short tenure in Seven Perth, she was awarded with Logie Awards twice which is regarded as one of the prestigious awards mainly awarded as the Australian television industry awards. Ann Sanders was awarded for Most Popular Female Personality. These days she is a regular host for Seven Afternoon News. Despite of her popularity, The Ann Sanders net worth is not yet revealed by any sources. Neither her salary is disclosed to the public. Though, it is believed that she might have net worth in millions and earns enormous amount of salary for her work. Some media believed that is receiving 250 K dollars as a salary.

Personal life and popularity
As she is a TV reporter, she usually been seen in formal outfits rather than fancy hot dresses. However, she is regarded as one of the beautiful journalist throughout Australia. Ann Sanders age is 57 years but she still looks gorgeous. When the question Ann Sanders married or not is asked then the answer is yes. Ann Sanders husband is Surgeon Dr. Andrew Strokon. As of today, she is enjoying her married life with two great sons and husband. Ann Sanders follows Christianity. In an interview Ann Sanders revealed that she finds herself happy hanging out with her family, children and friends. Ann Sanders is regarded as such a sincere, hardworking and enthusiastic personal. Ann Sanders height is 5 feet and 4 inches. Ann Sanders body type seems to be seems but the accurate Ann Sanders weight is not available around the web. She is very active in social media like Facebook and Twitter where she can be followed in order know more about her life. Similarly, Ann Sanders wiki is available around the web including Wikipedia.