Ben Harper Bio, Wiki, Wife, Divorce, Girlfriend and Net Worth

Ben Harper Bio, Wiki, Wife, Divorce, Girlfriend and Net Worth

Ben Harper, Bio, Wiki, Wife, Divorce, Girlfriend, Net Worth

— Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

Date of Birth : Oct 28th, 1969
Age :51 Years old
American multi- musician, singer and songwriter Ben Harper A.K.A Benjamin Chase "Ben" Harper was born on 28th October 1969. His father Leonard belongs to Afro- American community and his mother Ellen Chase-Verdries was from the Jewish community. According to the facts found on Ben Harper bio, he was 5 years old when his parents divorced. He was raised by his mother and her parents. As his grandparents had a record store, he became keen in music. His two brothers also came across different music genres there and that place inspired him to become as he is today.

Professional career and net worth
Talking about Ben Harper musical career, he is remembered for his enchanting music, the fusion of different genres to present new taste and style of music. As of this date, there are 12 Ben Harper albums are released and he has recorded several songs. During his musical journey, he toured almost each and every corner of the world. Besides music, he was also seen on screen with roles in different TV shows in which provided music as well. For his musical talent, he has earned such prestigious awards like Artist of the Year in 2003, Grammy Award for Best Pop Instrumental Performance in 2005, Grammy Award for Best Traditional Soul Gospel Album Forever 2005 and Grammy Award for Best Blues Album in 2014. By 2017, it is reported that Ben Harper net worth has amounted to 10 million US dollars which he made from concerts, albums and TV shows.

Personal life
Reflecting Ben Harper personal life, he has been rumored several times regarding his dating relationships. Though Ben Harper girlfriend list is not so long, he has been highlighted in page 3 falsely with some names. Later, that false news proved to be pointless. Regarding marriage, Ben got married thrice in his life. The first Ben Harper wife was Joanna with whom he tied a knot in 1996. After staying together for 5 years, they legally separated in 2001. Then after, he married actress Laura Dern in 2003 after dating for almost 2 years. This time also, Ben failed to retain his married life and divorced with Laura in 2013. The Ben Harper divorce with Laura hit the headlines. For the third time, Ben married advocate Jaclyn Matfus on 1st January 2015. He also has been blamed as a gay but it proved to be wrong as he is a father of four children and he is expecting the fifth child from his third wife.

Physical appearance and wiki
Moving towards physical appearance, Ben Harper is a tall man with the height of more than 6 feet, a good height for a man. Even at the age of 47 years old, he looks very youthful. He has made tattoos on both of his arms, chest, waist and arm as well. It seems that he is working very hard to maintain his body in good shape which can be seen on some of his shirtless pictures. He has a weight of 78 kg which is perfect as per his height. There are some Ben Harper wiki pages available around the web which consists of in detail information about his life and profession. He is also popular in social networking platforms mostly on Twitter and Instagram. Ben Harper interviews can be found on YouTube. Similarly, his biography has been published by Wikipedia and IMDb.