Charles Osgood Bio, Health, Illness, Net worth, Salary, Age and Net Worth

Charles Osgood Bio, Health, Illness, Net worth, Salary, Age and Net Worth

Charles Osgood, Bio, Health, Illness, Net worth, Salary, Age, Net Worth

— Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

Charles Osgood is a name that represents an American TV and radio commentary legend, who has given us shows like The Osgood file. Osgood was born on January 8th, 1993, in Bronx, New York, where he was born with the birth name, Charles Osgood Wood. He later shifted to Liberty Heights in Baltimore, Maryland, with his family. He completed his early studies from Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School. In 1954, he received his qualification as a Bachelor of Science in Economics, from Fordham University. Osgood is an American by nationality and is of white ethnicity. He seems to be in good health without any serious illness.

Career and Net Worth:
After college, Charles gained the membership of the US Army Band, stationed at Washington DC. Here he played the piano and also was the master of ceremony. He along with his roommate- John Cacavas, a composer, developed several songs, which eventually led them to win the Grammy for Best Spoken word in 1967. He also worked for the WGMS station, the primary station in Washington DC, and continued even after his time in the army. He worked as an announcer and commentator in several occasions and radio stations. He later became the general manager of The Channel 18, WHCT. He then went on to work for the ABC network as a writer and a host. He finally came to work for the CBS network, in WCBS. He was the host of The Osgood File on WCBS-FM since 1971. In 1994, he also started working as the host of the CBS News Sunday Morning, from which he retired in 2016. Besides journalism, he has worked in different movies, the most famous being the 2008-animated film called “Horton Hears a Who!” He is a biweekly columnist and the author of half a dozen books. What was his salary is something that is not clear. After his retirement from his successful career, he sits on a net worth of 3 million dollars.

Married Life:
Charles’ marital status is married. He met and married his wife-Jean Osgood, in 1973. He has not revealed much about his personal life and although some details are clear, others are not. It seems like this old couple is enjoying every moment of their long history together. They have five children named Kathleen Osgood, Winston Osgood, Anne-E. Osgood, Emily J. Osgood, and Jamie Osgood.

Talking about his body measurements, Charles stands at a tall height of 6”. Although his exact weight is not known, it is expected that he has maintained a healthy weight. His hairline seems to be receding thanks to his age. His hair color is light brown. He is usually remembered for his characteristic look with the checkered bow tie and a coat and shirt underneath.
Osgood’s fame over TV and radio has also poured over social media, especially on Twitter where he has a large fan following. He can be followed on Twitter at @CharlesOsgoodEv