CNN John Berman Bio, Salary, Net worth, Wife and Wiki

CNN John Berman Bio, Salary, Net worth, Wife and Wiki

CNN John Berman, Bio, Salary, Net worth, Wife, Wiki

— Saturday, August 12th, 2017

Date of Birth : Mar 21st, 1972
Age :49 Years old
Distinguished American news anchor, John Berman is known for being a regular relief presenter of Anderson Cooper 360° and is currently working as a co-anchor of CNN's Early Start and CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow. Born on March 21, 1972 in Carlisle, Massachusetts, U.S, John Berman is presently 45 years old. He is married to wife Kerry Voss and has two sons. His net worth is calculated to be approximately around $1.9 million.

Net Worth and Salary
John Berman is considered as one of the most established and richest journalists in the industry. He has contributed plenty in his profession and has reached a successful and respectable position today. His praise-worthy reports and coverage on important events have made him one of the most trusted reporters in America. Currently, his net worth was revealed to be around a whopping $1.9 million and his annual salary is assumed to be around $250,000. According to his biography, John is a Harvard University student from where he dropped out in 1990 and joined ABC News as a junior office post where he later rose to become Chief Writer. After being assigned to cover the White House, John became a general assignment reporter and covered various events including war in Nasiriyah. Berman was the head writer of World News Tonight in 1997 with Peter Jennings and worked throughout the impeachment hearing of President Clinton after concluding in 1999. John made his official television appearance since 2001 and has covered major events including George W. Bush's presidential campaign and has followed Bush to 45 states from his premature fundraiser programs throughout his time in the White House. Similarly, he has also assisted renowned personalities during the GOP primaries including Republican candidates Senator John McCain, R-Ariz , former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and thoroughly followed Barack Obama throughout the general election. Likewise, Berman started co-anchoring Good Morning America Weekend starting August 14, 2010 alongside Bianna Golodryga and is a regular contributor to World News, Good Morning America and Nightline 20/20 broadcasted by ABC News. Berman is currently working as a co-anchor for CNN's Early Start and @THISHOUR.

Marital Status and Affairs
There is not much to talk about when it comes to John Berman's private life. He is married to his long-term girlfriend since college times. He is currently married to his wife Kerry Voss and together have given birth to two lovely sons. Berman has never been under speculations of having any extra-marital affairs and is currently living happily with his wife and kids.

Height and Weight
45 years old John Berman looks very smart and appears attractive during his television appearance with clean looks. He stands tall with 5 feet and 8 inches in height and weighs more than 75 kg. He has a well-maintained body and looks very elegant while wearing suits and formal clothes.

Wiki and Facts
John Berman has been recognized for his exceptional contribution in the field of journalism and has been awarded with Edward R. Murrow in the year 2004 for being the part of "World News Tonight" and James Beard Award in 2010. Further information on his biography and personal life can be extracted from Wikipedia and other Wiki pages.