Damon Ranger Bio, Age, Fraud, Net worth and Wiki

Damon Ranger Bio, Age, Fraud, Net worth and Wiki

Damon Ranger, Bio, Age, Fraud,Net worth, Wiki

— Thursday, June 15th, 2017

Date of Birth : Oct 1st, 1980
Age :40 Years old
Damon Ranger is a musician and television personality born on October 1, 1980 in Waukegan, Illinois. Quoting from Damon’s bio, it’s clear that his nationality is American and his ethnicity is white. He was raised in Waukegan but details about his parents or siblings aren’t known. Damon is currently a member of the rock band Blackbox and also works as an Entertainment Reporter for CBS, WBBM and JBTV.

Net Worth and Salary
Damon, at the age of 36, has found success and earned a good wealth through his works. Damon’s net worth is estimated to be in hundred thousand and he surely receives a good salary from his different jobs. Damon Ranger’s complete salary and net worth details are under review. Although not much is known about Damon’s education, he surely had an interest in music from his childhood days. Damon began his professional career at the age of 19 when he was a sound engineer for the album “The Muchacha” by the band The Dorks. He has also worked as a composer for War’s album Evolutionary in 2014. In 2016, Damon worked with another musician Dee Snider as a producer, composer, engineer and vocalist for Dee’s album “We Are the Ones”. Damon is currently working as a singer, songwriter and guitarist in his rock band Blackbox and also works for CBS in Chicago, WBBM and JBTV. Damon had claimed to have won the Academy Awards for the score of “Life of pi” and had also claimed to have worked with and composed songs of several A-list stars like Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez and Kanye West. But when he was confronted about all these claims by the host on the “MANCOW show, he was unable to counter with a legit answer and left the show midway. When checked, no any evidence about him winning the Academy Award or working with the A-list stars was found. This further clarified that he was spreading false rumor and that Damon is really a fraud. Media turned over him several times stating that Damon is a fraud and hasn’t accomplished most of what he says he has. He also claims to have won regional Emmy Award with CBS, but we are yet to find out if it really is true.

Marital Status
There is not much info about Damon’s personal life on his wiki but we are sure he is not the kind of guy to shy away from dating and making girlfriends. He is sure to have dated a lot of women in his past but currently he isn’t seen with anybody. We are unable to collect any information about a certain girlfriend from the Internet or his Instagram account where he mostly uploads pictures of himself and his friends. Damon isn’t known to have married anybody and doesn’t have any children either. It is safe to say that Damon is currently a single guy living a happy life in Chicago.

Height and Weight
Damon is a guy with a short height and well-structured body. His natural hair color is black but he mostly dyes it to different colors and his eye color is brown. Damon’s dressing style is mostly punk. Details about Damon’s height and weight aren’t available to the sources yet.

Wiki and Facts
Damon is a Christian by religion. He has made his presence in different social media platforms where fans follow him to get updated with his current status and news. Fans can follow his Instagram account as well as his Twitter account which can be found as “@damonranger”. Damon is also available on Facebook where he can be added as a friend. Unfortunately for his fans, Damon’s Wikipedia and IMDB pages aren’t available yet. Further information on him can be collected from other Wiki sources.