Danielle Cohn Bio,  Age, Height, Boyfriend, Dating and Affair

Danielle Cohn Bio, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Dating and Affair

Danielle Cohn, Bio,  Age, Height, Boyfriend, Dating, Affair

— Monday, June 19th, 2017

Danielle Cohn is a young girl who has shot into fame through the medium of social media. In fact, she is still a minor so her social media sites are managed by her mother. In 2015, Danielle won the title of Miss Florida Jr. Preteen Queen. She is very popular on social media sites like YouTube, Instagram and Musical.LY.

Early Life
Danielle Cohn was born on 7th of March, 2004 at Florida in the United States of America. She is an American by nationality and ethnicity wise, she is a White Caucasian. Danielle is such a girl who has earned such level of name at fame which most people can only dream of. She has millions of fans all over the world. Danielle is quite lucky because her family supports her in her work and interests. Her mother Jennifer and brother Chad have been beside her in all her activities. Danielle is just 13 years of age so she has become an inspiration for most young girls.

Career and Net worth
In 2015, Danielle Cohn won the title of Miss Florida Jr. Preteen Queen. She has intense level of passion in modeling because of which she continuously participated in the beauty pageant. Before winning the title, she had also won the fourth runner up and second runner up at the contest. After winning the contest, Danielle Cohn became more popular. She started working with various companies like the BMG modeling agency, Lisa B jewelry and Juicy Couture Clothing. She is quite active on the social media app Musical.LY in which she has over 1.1 million followers. She has over 210 K followers on her YouTube channel. Danielle is also known to have a kind heart as she had donated teddy bears to small kids of Children's Miracle Hospital.
Danielle Cohn is just a teenager but she is more successful than most adult celebrities. She earns a lot from her modeling assignments, advertisements and her social media sites. Her income and salary is expected to be high. The exact net worth of Danielle Cohn is still under review but it is expected to be in thousands of dollars.

Personal Life
As regards to her personal life, it is known that she is in a relationship with her boyfriend Richard Ortiz. She has uploaded photos of them together on Instagram. There were also rumors that she has broken up with Richard Ortiz. However, she uploads her pictures with many boys on her Instagram account so it is certain that she had affair with many boys in the past. Recently, she was known to be dating Owen Badnor as she had posted intimate photos with him. Both Danielle and Owen are quite popular on Social media. Danielle also uploaded photos with Case Walker however she claims that they are just good friends.