Daymond John Bio, Wife, Married, Family, Wiki and Net worth

Daymond John Bio, Wife, Married, Family, Wiki and Net worth

Daymond John, Bio, Wife, Married, Family, Wiki, Net worth

— Friday, September 1st, 2017

Date of Birth : Feb 23rd, 1969
Age :52 Years old
Daymond Garfield John, widely known as Daymond John is a renowned businessan and investor who is popular for investing on the ABC reality television series Shark Tank and founding FUBU. Born in February 23, 1969 in Queens, New York, John turns 49 years in age as of 2017. Daymond John had been married previously but ended up divorcing his wife. He is currently in a relationship with his long-term girlfriend Heather Taras who is soon going to be his wife. Daymond's total net worth is calculated to be around $300 million.

Net Worth and Salary
According to Daymond's bio, he graduated from Bayside High School and started working at an early age with a commuter van service. Daymond has been in the business world for more than two decades and has established a reputation and name for himself in the profession. He is a well-known businessman with skilful tactics which helped him pave his way to success. Currently, he is the holder of the total net worth of a whopping $300 million which is accumulated from his own founded company FUBU and investing in various companies and shows. Starting up a small clothing business after completing high school, Daymond has worked his way up to success with a lot of struggle. He started FUBU by mortgaging his house for $100,000 and later after continuous efforts established a respectable position for his company. John became the member of the cast of ABC's reality TV show Shark Tank in 2009 and invested a total of $7,667,000 for Shark Tank projects as of 6 August, 2015. Similarly, he has also invested his money on Al "Bubba" Bakers boneless ribs and Bombas socks. Apart from being a businessman and investor, John is also a public speaker and brand ambassador for the e-commerce company called Shopify.

Marital Status and Affairs
Daymond John's personal life is quite a rollercoaster ride with ups and downs. Daymond had once been married to his wife whose identity is unknown. Evidently, the relationship did not last long since the couple parted way. Currently, Daymond is dating his long-term girlfriend and soon-to-be wife Heather Taras. Together, the couple gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Minka Jagger John. Daymond has a total of three children, two from his previous marriage named Yasmeen John and Destiny John. The family currently lives happily in Southampton.

Height and Weight
Famous entrepreneur Daymond John, age 49 looks quite youthful for his age. He has maintained his body with effective diet and has a tall height. Although not exactly defined, his height is tall and has a proportionate body weight that complements his height perfectly.

Wiki and Facts
Daymond John is one of the top 10 most booked motivational speakers who has spoken at different occasions including California First Lady Maria Shriver's Women's Conference, AT&T's History Makers Tour, Babson College School of Entrepreneurship and the Creative Liaisons program at the annual London International Awards. He has also published three books named Display of Power, The Brand Within and The Power of Broke. Further information on his biography can be extracted from Wikipedia and other sites found on the internet.