Devin Brugman Bio, Nationality, Age, Wiki, Dating, Family, Net worth, Birthday, Facts and Diet

Devin Brugman Bio, Nationality, Age, Wiki, Dating, Family, Net worth, Birthday, Facts and Diet

Devin Brugman Bio, Devin Brugman Nationality, Devin Brugman Age, Devin Brugman Wiki, Devin Brugman Dating, Devin Brugman Family, Devin Brugman Net worth, Devin Brugman Birthday, Devin Brugman Facts and Devin Brugman Diet

— Wednesday, June 27th, 2018

Date of Birth : Dec 26th, 1990
Age :30 Years old
Short Bio- Who is Devin Brugman?
Devin Brugman is a famous social media star, model, and a fashion blogger. She is the co-founder of the company named Monday Swimwear, along with Natasha Oakley. The popular Devin Brugman bio is given below.

Age- How old is Devin Brugman?
Born on December 26, 1990, Devin Brugman was born to her parents in Oakland, California, United States. Her mother is a former model and her father is an MBA graduate.  She completed her high schooling from Hawaii, and then joined Mount St. Mary’s College. Regarding her education, she is an MBA graduate. Being born in the United States, Devin Brugman nationality is American and she belongs to White ethnicity.

Net worth and Salary
As being a business woman, and a fashion model, she has worked with many advertising agencies and has promoted many products through her social media. With the help of her profession, she has been able to earn a good sum. Currently, Devin Brugman net worth is estimated to be $300 thousand and her salary is estimated to be around $15000.

Devin Brugman started her modeling profession, while she was in high school. She was inspired and encouraged by her mother as her mother herself was a model. She started her career as a bikini model. After she completed her studies she wanted to start her own firm. So, she started her own business along with her friend, Natasha Oakley with various companies like ‘Monday Swimwear’, ‘A Bikini a Day’, and ‘Monday Active.’
She also earns via her social media posts as she promotes many products through her social media account. She is an active blogger and one can check out her blogs in

Is Devin Brugman married or is dating someone?
Devin Brugman has not married yet and she doesn’t have a husband till now. Before, Devin Brugman was in a relationship while she was in high school, and had a bad break up. After that in 2016, she got into a relationship with a man, whose identity is still unknown. They were often seen cuddling and walking on beaches. However, they also had a breakup. Currently, Devin Brugman is single and she is not in an affair with anyone.
Body Measurements: Height and Weight
Devin Brugman is a tall and sexy woman. She stands a height of 5 feet 7 inches. Also, she has maintained a fit and slim body with her body weight around 64 kg. She has maintained a perfect body shape with her body measurements as 36-25-34 inches.

Wiki and Social Media
Being a model, Devin Brugman is active in social media. She uses Twitter and Instagram to update her fans. She can be followed on Instagram as @devinbrugman, and on Twitter as @devinbrugman. More information about her personal and professional life can be found from various other wiki sites.