Frank Fritz Wiki, Bio, Married, Wife and Net Worth

Frank Fritz Wiki, Bio, Married, Wife and Net Worth

Frank Fritz, Wiki, Bio, Married, Wife, Net Worth

— Saturday, August 26th, 2017

Date of Birth : Oct 11th, 1965
Age :55 Years old
Talented and popular host of widely famous show "American Pickers" broadcasted on History Channel, Frank Fritz is a television personality who has won the hearts of many people with his personality and presentation. Born on 11 October, 1965 in Davenport, Iowa, Frank fritz is currently 52 years old. Frank Fritz has not revealed any information regarding his married life and since he is not married, he does not have a wife. Fritz's total net worth is calculated to be around $4 million.

Net Worth and Salary
Frank comes from a middle-class family and has lead all his life in a plain and simple manner. As a child, he was fond of collecting cans, rocks and stamps in order to avenge his needs and when he grew up, he started working in places like Coast Hardware and Quad City Automatic Sprinklers in order to buy a Harley Davidson for himself. According to his bio, Frank has not attended college and has only went to high school in Davenport. Before entering his current profession, Frank worked as a safety and fire inspector around the Des Moines in Iowa for more than 25 years. During that time, he had no idea that he would make it big in the entertainment industry and would be the owner of a huge net worth. On the basis of current analysis, his total net worth accumulated from his show and other business is calculated to be around $4 million. He has raised himself from the poor and has proven himself to be self-sufficient and versatile man. His dedication and skill to become the best and most loved host has given him a lot of respect and admiration in his profession. Frank worked as a fire inspector but later in 2002, he resigned and went on to establish his own company and named it Franks Finds which involved travelling across the country in search of objects that can be re-sold in profit. Frank reached a breakthrough point in his career when he landed as the co-host of the widely popular history channel show "American Pickers" alongside Mike Wolfe. The show is similar to his work and passion which included him and his co-host Mike to travel across the globe in search of antique and rare things. His exceptional knowledge and passion in the field has helped him garner tremendous amount of affection and admiration from his viewers. Besides co-hosting the show, Frank also co-owns Antique Archaeology which accepts customers from different fields and professional backgrounds including photographers, designers, celebrities and many more.

Marital Status and Affairs
Frank Fritz has been very ambiguous about his private life and personal matters. There is absolutely no information about his married life due to which he is often speculated to be gay. He is single and does not have a wife and similarly has not revealed anything about his current or past affairs.

Height and Weight
Frank is not very tall since he has a height of about 5 feet and 5 inches. He has a contagious smiling beard face and appears rough and ragged. He has  a unique taste in style similar to his attraction to unique objects. He seems a little chubby and overweight but he appears smart.

Wiki and Facts
Frank is white in ethnicity and has been poor before hitting big in the television industry. Sadly, he does not own his Wikipedia page but further information regarding his bio can be found in external Wiki pages.