Gillian Findlay Bio, Husband, Family, Married, Wiki and Age

Gillian Findlay Bio, Husband, Family, Married, Wiki and Age

Gillian Findlay, Bio, Husband, Family, Married, Wiki, Age

— Thursday, May 18th, 2017

Gillian Findlay is a well-established and renowned name in Journalism. Having being nominated with more than a dozen Gimini Awards and winning the Best Host twice, she has set herself apart as a prolific reporter covering stories, from war-torn Afghanistan to Haiti and South Korea back to her own country- Canada and encompassing subjects from politics, to human rights violation and sexual abuse. She was raised by her parents in Canada and attended Simon Fraser University, studying Literature and History. Later, she completed her diploma course in Broadcast Journalis from the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Her age cannot be precisely confirmed.

Career and Net Worth:
Gillian worked as a health reporter for The Journal starting in 1985, and went on to own a membership of their documentary unit. She started working at the CBC network as a reporter in Vancouver.  After this 12-year journey, in 1990, she served in the program- The fifth estate and investigated several events including the drowning of Laura Gainey and many more. She covered many sensitive and global events for CBC, including the war in former Yugoslavia, the attempted coup in Russia, famine in Somalia and so on. She covered the war in Chechnya in 1994 for the ABC network as the Moscow-correspondent and the presidential elections in Russia. She later became the Middle East correspondent for ABC, reporting stories from many Middle Eastern countries . She spent eight years in ABC. She also hosted the show- As It Happens, on CBC Radio. In 2002, she returned to CBC-TV news.
She was nominated for an Emmy, while working at ABC and her team won the Emmy for the coverage of 9/11. She has also been honored by different organizations like the Canadian Association of Journalists, Amnesty International and others.Her net worth stands at $222.7 Million.
Relentlessly living the busy life of a journalist, Gillian has had no time for boyfriends or a husband. She has never had a rumor let alone a scandal about her relationships. For now at least, this prolific host seems content with the life of a journalist. No news have appeared about her getting married. Perhaps, she is married but is keeping it a secret but the chances of that are quite low. Conjugal life and a family perhaps, is not made for Gillian. Perhaps she is content in having won so many accolades in her more-than successful career. 

Gillian is always seen in a business attire. She has blonde hair and light colored eyes. Her height stands at 1.86 m while she weighs near about 55 kg. Having a successful career in journalism, she has maintained an air of professionalism, which is reflected in her fashion choices. Gillian is often seen wearing suits or dresses and with her age, has a bold and confident persona.
Wikipedia has devoted a separate page for Gillian Findlay. She has several followers on twitter. She can be followed on Twitter at the Twitter handle: @cbcgillian.