Grant Reynolds Bio, Net worth, Wiki, Height, Married or Divorce

Grant Reynolds Bio, Net worth, Wiki, Height, Married or Divorce

Grant Reynolds, Bio, Net worth, Wiki, Height, Married, Divorce

— Thursday, August 3rd, 2017

Date of Birth : Sep 27th, 1972
Age :48 Years old
The famous American actor Grant Reynolds is well-known for his challenging roles in various movies including Sally's Dream House, The briefcase and many more. Grant was formerly a Marine sniper and decided to change his profession to an actor due to some unknown reason. Grant Reynolds was married to popular American actress and television host Jillian Barberie in 2006 but later divorced her due to some personal issues in February 14, 2014. Grant Reynolds' net worth is assumed to be $6 million and he has a height of about 6 feet and 1 inches.

Net Worth and Salary
Grant Reynolds is a prominent actor who rose to fame after being married to renowned actress and beloved television host Jillian Reynolds. He is widely praised for his work as an actor who was formerly from a different profession. His efforts to become an impactful actor and influence the audience paid off by looking at his net worth. His total net worth is estimated to be approximately around $6 million. According to his bio, Grant was born on 27 September, 1972 which turns him 44 years old as of 2017 and was born in Norfolk, Virginia. After graduating from high school, he went on to join the US Marine Corps where he served in the 2nd Battalion, 5th Marine s Surveillance and target Acquisition Platoon as a scout sniper and was promoted to the lead instructor in tactics and weapons. Reynolds kick started his career as an actor by taking the role of Simon Cole in the 2000's TV series "The Invisible Man". Grant has portrayed various challenging roles and done justice to them. He is widely known for his exceptional work in "Sally's Dream House", "The Briefcase", "Secret Girlfriend", "Mansfield Path" and "Knifepoint".

Marital Status and Affairs
There has been no end to the news and rumours following Grant's married life with ex-wife Jillian Reynolds. The couple met after Jillian's divorce with her first husband in 2006 and after dating for quite some time, they decided to get married. Together, they became parents of two children named Rocco Rio Reynolds and Ruby Raven Reynolds. But due to some personal issue and weakness in their relationship, the couple decided to get divorced. Their divorce was finalized on 14 February, 2014.

Height and Weight
Grant Reynolds is a very attractive man with stunning appearance due to which he has a huge fan following of mostly women. He is tall and stand 6 feet and 1 inches in height and weighs hefty. His masculine body and ragged, manly face has made girls swoon over his feet. His height and weight complement each other perfectly and makes him appear pleasing and charming.

Wiki and Facts
Grant Reynolds is a multi-talented sniper turned actor. He is actively present on multiple social networking sites and frequently updates his fans about his life. More information on his bio and personal life can be found in Wiki and other Wiki pages.