Jared Leto Bio, Age, Height, Movies and Married

Jared Leto Bio, Age, Height, Movies and Married

Jared Leto, Bio, Age, Height, Movies, Married

— Saturday, February 11th, 2017

Date of Birth : Dec 26th, 1971
Age :49 Years old
Net Worth :40 million
Married :Valery Kaufman
Height :5 feet 9 inches
One of the most talented actors in Hollywood Jared Leto was born on the chilling morning of 26th December 1971. Jared is best known for multiple talents such as singer, songwriter and veteran director. At this moment Jared jest age is 45 years. Jared Leto birth name is Jared Joseph Bryant. Moreover he is nicknamed J and Jaro.

Career in movies
Multi-talented Jared started in early nineties by appearing in TV series. Jared was noticed by the audience for his role as Jordan Catalano in the television series called My So-Called Life which was aired in 1994. He debuted in films from 1995 release How to Make an American Quilt. In addition, Jared Leto performance in Prefontaine was welcomed with positive acclaims. Some of remarkable Jared Leto movies are The Thin Red Line, Fight Club, American Psycho, Urban Legend, The Last of the High Kings, and Switchback. Last year he was seen in Suicide Squad. Jared Leto joker role in Suicide Squad became one of the hottest talks of the town in Hollywood.

Musical career and net worth
Jared formed the musical group called Thirty Seconds to Mars and this group went on to achieve wonders in music industry in 1998. Thirty Seconds to mars has toured worldwide for concerts and the albums of the group have been sold more than two million copies. Even Jared was already a famous actor; he never used his fame for the publicity of band. His album titled This Is war turned out to be a huge success which was sold more than 67000 units at the time of release. Jared Leto net worth of 40 million US dollars is a rock solid proof of his success in the movie and music industry.

Personal life
There are lots of buzz in the media regarding Jared Leto personal life. But Jared neither took it seriously nor disclosed all the things seriously. His name is romantically linked with many ladies. From 2004 to 2012 Jared Leto girlfriend was Scarlett Johansson. The most shocking fact is that once Cameron Diaz was Jared Leto fiancé but the relationship soon turned with break-up after one year. Jared also dated Lupita Nyong'o and Kristi McDaniel. After all he is still regarded as one of the eligible bachelors in Hollywood. Jared is 5 feet and 9 inches tall but Jared Leto height of success is really amazing. Jared Leto bio and information can be easily retrieved from the web. He is also reachable in world’s largest social networking platform Facebook where recent Jared Leto pictures can be found.