Jazmin Lang Bio, Wiki, Married, Husband and Parents

Jazmin Lang Bio, Wiki, Married, Husband and Parents

Jazmin Lang, Bio, Wiki, Married, Husband, Parents

— Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

Date of Birth : Nov 12th, 1988
Age :32 Years old
Jazmin Lang is a reality TV star born on November 12, 1988 in The Bronx, New York. Her nationality is American and her ethnicity is Latino. Her ethnicity comes from Jazmin’s parents who are of mixed descent- American and Latino. More details about her parents and siblings are unavailable at the moment. According to Jazmin’s wiki, is popular for her involvement in the American TV reality show ‘Little Women: NY’.

Net Worth and Salary
The ‘Little Women’ star hasn’t disclosed her net worth and salary on tabloids yet. But because of her ample payment from the reality TV show, we think Jazmin’s net worth must be fairly good. Let’s hope she has a pretty good earning from her stints in TV. Jazmin’s educational background is mostly highlighted from her degree in Business Management. But her career evidently found light on “24th March, 2015” that marked the first episode of “Little women: NY- “Big City, Little Women" was broadcasted. The show was a big hit as it garnered the attention of an average of 1.1 million viewers in USA on the first week of its broadcast. The program is a sequel to the show Little Women: LA.  Because of its popularity, Jazmin and her co-stars Lila Call, Dawn Lang, Jason Perez, Jessica Capri, Katie Snyder and other became inspirational role models to short women. Jazmin hopes to get more prominent roles in Hollywood and television industry. Jazmin currently lives with her husband in her house in Orlando, Florida.

Marital Status
After being introduced by her Little Women co-star Dawn Lang, Jazmin Lang started dating Dawn’s brother David Lang. Jazmin and David have been married for a long time. In fact, the couple only recently celebrated their fifth anniversary together. These two make an extremely cute couple. Jazmin lives a happy and content married life with husband David without any rumors of their divorce or separation. She is proud of her husband and has posted tons of pictures of them together on social media.

Height and Weight
Jazmin Lang’s height is at 3 feet 9 inches (1.19 meters) and she has a weight of 40 kg. Although she is short, an equally quirky personality makes her a cute celebrity. She is known and admired by her fans. Details about Jazmin’s body measurements might soon be updated. Jazmin’s height has never become an issue for her setback; it has actually boosted her morale. She claims that even though she is 3’9”, every inch of her is tough and fierce.

Wiki and Facts
A darling on TV and a sweetheart among short ladies of her age, Jazmin has garnered thousands of fans following on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more. On Twitter, she is present as @jazminper. She has 12.1K followers on her Twitter account although she is only fundamentally active. On Instagram where we can find Jazmin’s beautiful and eventful pictures, she has a total of 39.3K followers regularly checking up on her. Fans can also find her on her Facebook page. Do make sure to tune into ‘Little Women: NY’ to catch up with her. Jazmin’s Wikipedia is inexistent but her bio can be read in other wiki sites.