Jerome Jarre Bio, Age, Net worth, Girlfriend, Dating and Height

Jerome Jarre Bio, Age, Net worth, Girlfriend, Dating and Height

Jerome Jarre, Bio, Age, Net worth, Girlfriend, Dating, Height

— Monday, February 27th, 2017

Date of Birth : Jun 12th, 1990
Age :31 Years old
Net Worth :USD 3 million
Height :6 feet 3 inches
Jerome Jarre was born on 12th June, 1990 at Albertville, France. He is French by nationality and white by ethnicity. The zodiac sign of Jerome Jarre is Gemini. He is popularly known as the Co-founder of the marketing agency called mobile-first and production house Grape Story. He has over 8 million followers on the Vine app which proves how popular he is.

Early Life and career
Jerome Jarre was raised by his mother and he always thought about doing something big in his life. Motivated by the same feeling, he decided to quite business school and he moved to China to launch his first start-up business. In the initial phase, he just he engages in some business and he kept on trying. After making a little money out of a business which turned a bit profitable, he went to Toronto, Canada where he started a software company named as Atendy. Then he heard about Vine and realized that it could provide a wonderful platform for him.
He gained a lot of name and fame because of Vines. He has appeared as a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. He had released a video titled don’t be afraid of love which was very famous. He had made vines with famous Hollywood artists including Pharrell Williams, Ashton Kutcher and Ben Stiller. Jerome is a very smart person with a lot of talent and skills because of which he has been able to achieve all the success.

Personal Life
Jerome Jarre is a handsome young man and he has seen a lot of success in this age. He has a lot of admirers and huge fan following. Jerome is known to be in a relationship and he has a gorgeous girlfriend whose name is Jordan. It has been known that Jordan is an Irish and she has made her pictures with Jerome public. We know that he is dating a girl so it is confirmed that Jerome is not gay.

Physical features and Net worth
Standing at six feet and three inches Jerome Jarre is a fairly tall man with attractive features. He has a well maintained athletic body at the age of 26 years. Jerome is a very popular and successful man so his salary and net worth is also very high. The net worth of Jerome Jarre is estimated to be around USD 3 million. Information in detail about Jerome Jarre is available on sites like Wikipedia. He is also active on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.