Jessica Schneider Biography, Wikipedia, Height, Wedding and Age

Jessica Schneider Biography, Wikipedia, Height, Wedding and Age

Jessica Schneider Biography, Wikipedia, Height, Wedding, Age

— Saturday, November 25th, 2017

Date of Birth : Apr 26th, 1970
Age :48 Years old
Net Worth :$4 million
Married :Mitch
Height :5 feet 10 inches
Jessica Schneider Biography
Jessica Schneider is a television news reporter and attorney currently working for CNN. She joined the CNN in April 2016 as a correspondent. She is based in the New York City and also works as a correspondent for the Crime and Justice team apart from working as a news reporter for CNN. Before working in the television field, Jessica Schneider worked as a lawyer for two law firms based in New York. Later, after being approached by the news channel to work as a news anchor, Jessica didn't hesitate to take on the opportunity despite having a good career in law sector. As per her bio obtained in online, Jessica Schneider is said to be born in Manchester, England in 1970. She celebrates her birthday on April 26 every year. Her family migrated to the US a few years after her birth. Jessica received her school education in the US and graduated from university in law and journalism. Talking about her inspiration for journalism, she was motivated by her mother to join a TV club when she was 16. Later, the hobby turned into the passion and then to the career.

Jessica Schneider Height
Jessica Schneider is a suitable example of beauty with brains. She is highly educated, has a good television career and has a charming personality. She has an attractive body with a height of five feet and ten inches. She has the nice slim figure with good looking feet. Due to her perfect height and weight composition, Jessica Schneider looks pretty in everything. She is usually seen wearing formals with high heels.
Jessica Schneider Age
Many of Jessica Schneider's fans want to know about her age. To everyone's surprise, Jessica Schneider is 46 years of age already but she doesn't look like a 46-year-old. She has revealed the daily workout and balanced diet as the secret for her youthfulness.

Is Jessica Married? Who is her Husband? is Jessica Schneider Wedding?
Jessica Schneider has a very attractive personality. Her appearance and intelligence have attracted millions of hearts worldwide and she has garnered the massive fan following as well. Many fans want to know if she is still single or has the wedding bells rung already. Many of the hearts might get broken to realize that this beauty is married already. Jessica Schneider met her life partner Mitch Schwartzman in a local pub in the summer of 2011. They soon hit it off and began dating. They decided to uplift their relationship so they got engaged in 2013. After three years if their engagement, their wedding took place in 2016. Mitch Schwartzman and Jessica Schneider's love story is kind of a fairy tale where the beauty finds her handsome in a commonplace and knows in the first meeting that they are meant to be together for the rest of their lives. The couple is happily married. They haven't decided to have any children yet. There are no rumors of divorce and extramarital affairs. We hope this relationship lasts forever and may they remain satisfied like this all the time. 
Jessica Schneider Wikipedia
Jessica Schneider has her own Wikipedia page. Details of her professional and personal life can also be obtained from the Wikipedia. She is among those celebrities who are highly active on various social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Her social media profiles have posts related to her work, Family, and traveling. She is an avid reader and traveler.