Kevin Frazier biography, Net worth, Height, Bio and Age

Kevin Frazier biography, Net worth, Height, Bio and Age

Kevin Frazier, biography, Net worth, Height, Bio, Age

— Monday, February 27th, 2017

Date of Birth : May 20th, 1964
Age :55 Years old
Net Worth :USD 2 million
Married :Yazmin Cader Frazier
Kevin Frazier was born as Kevin Timothy Frazier on 20th May,1964 at Maryland, United States. He is an American by nationality and African American by ethnicity.His Zodiac sign is Taurus. Kevin is known as a famous journalist who has worked in Television shows like Entertainment Tonight (1981), Omg! Insider (2004) and Game Changers (2013). Similarly he has also worked for Fox Sports Net, CNTET TV’s JOOKED UP, Fox 19 and ESPN.

Early Life and Career
Kevin Frazier grew up in his birth place Maryland where he studied at Hammond High school in the beginning. Then he joined Hampton University for higher studies.There is very limited information about his family life or his parents. Kevin has worked as anchor for basketball teams in various Universities. Similarly he has also worked to host different programs for Fox Sports Net and ESPN. Kevin Frazier has made guest appearances in many television shows including America’s Next Top Model, Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School and Hell’s Kitchen. He has a website called which is very popular. Kevin Frazier has always believed in keeping himself busy and he has gained a lot of success because of the dedication and passion he puts into his job.

Personal Life
The personal life of Kevin Frazier has been quite interesting. He is reported to have put his girlfriend pregnant at a very young age of 18 years. Since he could not take care of the child at the age so the child  was put for adoption. In 2006 Kevin got married to Yazmin Cader and he has been living a happy life with his wife ever since. The couple has two sons and altogether Kevin is a father to three sons.

Physical features and net worth
Kevin Frazier is fairly tall in height and he also has an attractive phsyique. He has a bald head and dark black eyes. Even at the age of 52 years, Kevin Frazier has been able to maintain his body. Kevin is a very successful Television journalist so we can assume that he earns a good salary. It is estimated that he earns a salary of around USD 500,000 and his net worth is estimated to be around USD 2 million. Details about KEvin Frazier is found on wikisites in the internet. He is also active on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter where his fans can follow his online activities. Kevin has around 60,000 followers and 12,000 tweets on Twitter. He has 20,000 followers and over 8,00 posts on Instagram.