Leon Harris Bio, Wife, Children, Family, Salary, Net Worth, NBC4 and ABC News

Leon Harris Bio, Wife, Children, Family, Salary, Net Worth, NBC4 and ABC News

Leon Harris, Bio, Wife, Children, Family, Salary, Net Worth, NBC4, ABC News

— Monday, May 29th, 2017

Short info
Veteran African-American journalist Leon Harris was born on 1st January 1961 in Akron, Ohio. His parents are Leon Sr. and Lorraine Harris. Leon Harris family is of African-American ethnicity. Leon is graduated from Ohio University. Leon Harris is known as a lucky person to be survived twice from the game of death. He comes back to his job even after his battle with a life-threatening health condition. Leon Harris NBC4 News job has revived and motivated him to stand up against the negative energy and evils. He is now actively hosting several programs and events around the community. During his career, Leon has won several Emmy Awards.

Career and net worth
Leon Harris career began with an unpaid intern at CNN in Atlanta where he was appointed as an entry-level video journalist. Later he was promoted as an assistant director of the satellite department and successfully handled international and domestic satellite services while covering such events like Persian Gulf War and international visits of Presidents Ronal Reagan and George H.W. Bush. After an audition at CNN, he associated with the network in 1991 and hired as a full-time anchor and then he covered major stories like 2000 presidential election, the Oklahoma City bombing and the 9/11 attacks for which he was honored with several awards. He also worked with WJLA which is known as ABC7. Leon Harris ABC news job portfolio is considered as one of the biggest assets. Last year, he was hired by NBC4. Leon is regarded as one of the renowned journalists in the industry. Leon Harris salary is such a generous amount and today the Leon Harris net worth is estimated around millions.

Personal life
While talking about Leon Harris personal life, he is a married man. Leon Harris wife is Dawn Lomax with whom he tied a knot during his college days at the Ohio University. The couple is blesses with two children. Leon Harris children are daughter Lauren and son Darren. According to Leon Harris bio, he had an illness called necrotizing pancreatitis in 2013. This illness dragged him near to the mouth of death. Luckily, his unconsciousness from the illness was discovered by wife and was suddenly rushed to the local hospital. His wife must be credited for saving his life. Leon has made his name such a big that almost everyone in the country can easily recognize his name. He is so successful that’s why he has a large number of well-wishers, followers and admirers. Leon Harris wiki is available on many online celebrity sites including Wikipedia.