Major Garrett Bio, Family, Ne worth and Salary

Major Garrett Bio, Family, Ne worth and Salary

Major Garrett, Bio, Family, Ne worth, Salary

— Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

Date of Birth : Aug 24th, 1962
Age :58 Years old
Born on 24 August, 1962, Major Elliott Garrett is a renowned news correspondent and broadcaster who is currently working as a Chief White House Correspondent with CBS News and is a Correspondent at Large with National Journal. He has covered reports on 2004 and 2008 presidential election and War on Terror. Major is married to wife Julie Kirtz and has a family of 5 with three children. Garrett's net worth is assumed to be around $3 million.

Net Worth and Salary
Major Garrett has been considered as one of the most reliable and trusted news correspondent in America. He has been in this field and profession since more than 3 decades and has covered major events throughout his career. His struggle and hardwork paid off when his net worth accumulated from his journalism profession was revealed. Presently, Major Garrett's net worth is calculated to be around $3 million. Similarly his annual salary is depicted to be in millions as well. According to his biography, Major graduated with a degree in journalism and political science from University of Missouri and was determined to exert his skills in journalism. Major began his career in 1990 when he started working for U.S. News & World Report as a senior editor and congressional correspondent. After serving the channel for couple of years, Garrett moved to CNN's White House Team in 2000 and became a general assignment reporter in 2002. Garrett became the Chief White House Correspondent for Fox News Channel and covered reports on 2004 and 2008 presidential election, the War on Terror and Barack Obama as the democratic nominee.  In 2010, September 3, Garrett left fox News Channel and joined National Journal  and on November 18, 2012, announced that he would be joined CBS News as their Chief White House Correspondent. Garrett currently hosts "The Takeout Podcast" relating to politics, policy and pop culture.

Marital Status and Affairs
Talking about Garrett's life, he got married in 1990 to wife Julie Kirtz who is an editorial director at the Wakefield Research in Washington D.C. Together, the couple have given birth to three children but their identity is yet to be revealed. Garrett lives with his family in Washington D.C.

Height and Weight
Major Garrett, age 54 is a very mature and smart man. He stands tall with 5 feet and 10 inches in height and has a proportionate weight. He has maintained his body yet exact measurement of his weight is not mentioned.

Wiki and Facts
Major Garrett is a member of Phi Gamma Delta, a social fraternity. Major has also published two books relating to politics and nation named "The Fifteen Biggest Lies in Politics" published on 15th August, 1998 and "The Enduring Revolution: How the Contract with America Continues to Shape the Nation" Published in 2005. More information regarding his bio can be extracted from Wikipedia and other Wiki sites.