Maria Dolores Dieguez Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Wedding and Birthday

Maria Dolores Dieguez Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Wedding and Birthday

Maria Dolores Dieguez Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Wedding and Birthday

— Saturday, December 2nd, 2017

Married :Joseph Fiennes
Maria Dolores Dieguez Bio
Maria Dolores Dieguez is a Swiss model and beauty pageant contestant. She took part in Miss Switzerland in 2003 and came in the third position. Rather than a model and former beauty pageant contestant, Maria Dolores is best known for being the wife of the on-screen Shakespeare Joseph Fiennes. Dolores appeared in the limelight After winning the third position in Miss Switzerland in 2003 and since then she embarked on the journey of being a successful lingerie model in her hometown Bern. Just after a year from her appearance in the beauty pageant, Maria Dolores Dieguez appeared in a small role in the movie named Durch die Blume in 2004.

With reference to her bio obtained online, Maria Dolores Dieguez was born in 1982 in Bern, the capital of Switzerland. Due to lack of her Wikipedia page, we are not able to derive details of her parents and siblings. She belongs to White ethnicity and is a citizen of Switzerland. SinceMaria Dolores Dieguez is a model, She definitely has a toned body. She has a fair height which compliments her slim figure. She is a fitness addict and usually spends a few hours in the gym daily. Maria consumes lots of green leafy vegetables and plenty of water. She loves meat and does not drink alcohol.
Maria Dolores Dieguez Age
Maria Dolores Dieguez is 35 years of age already but she does not look like her age. Many wanted to know the secret of her evergreen youth so she described be ingredients of youth to the public in an interview with a fashion magazine. Maria Dolores has described balanced diet, plenty of water and daily workout as her ingredients of youth. So, if you also want to look young like her even when you are nearing the forty years line then you ought to use her tips right away.
Maria Dolores Dieguez Birthday
With reference to data available in her profile obtained online, Maria Dolores Dieguez celebrates her birthday on 5th January. She loves celebrating her birthday with her family, friends, and relatives.

Maria Dolores Dieguez Wedding
Public want to know if this Swiss beauty is still Single but with dismay, we inform you that Maria Dolores is married already. She this the knot with her husband Joseph Fiennes in a lavish Catholic wedding ceremony held in August 2009. Before marrying Joseph, Maria Dolores was saying soccer star, Johan Berisha. But when Joseph saw her during a film festival in June 2005 in Taormina, he couldn't take his eyes off of her. In that very instant, he had decided he will be wedding Maria Dolores or nobody else.
Maria Dolores Dieguez Wikipedia
Despite being a popular Swiss model and a former beauty pageant contestant, the Wikipedia of Maria Dolores Dieguez is still inexistent. Due to lack of her Wikipedia page, there has been a lot of trouble getting the actual and precise details of her personal and professional life. Many other social pages and sites have been publishing her details but the doubt of truthfulness still remains. She is among those celebrities who are highly active on various social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She has thousands of followers on the social platforms who are highly interested in her daily life. Maria Dolores Dieguez also posts often to keep her followers updated about her life.