Marty Lagina Bio, Wiki, Married, Wife, Divorce and Net Worth

Marty Lagina Bio, Wiki, Married, Wife, Divorce and Net Worth

Marty Lagina, Bio, Wiki, Married, Wife, Divorce, Net Worth

— Monday, August 14th, 2017

Originally an engineer, Marty Lagina is an American television personality and reality star widely popular for starring in reality series "The Curse of Oak Island" broadcasted on History Channel. Marty is also an owner of wine and energy business which he runs with his son Alex Lagina. Marty is a married man but no information regarding his wife has been revealed. There has also not been any news on his divorce. Lagina's net worth is assumed to be around $100 million.

Net Worth and Salary
Marty is very versatile and talent and has gotten his hands in all sorts of business. Along with being a television personality and reality star, he is also interested in wine growing and was the owner of Terra Energy Company which he sold to CMS Energy. All these jobs have resulted in his high figured net worth of approximately $100 million. Most of his salary is accumulated from his famous television show as well as his growing business in wine-making and energy production. According to Lagina's bio, he rose to fame after his television debut on the reality show "The Curse of the Oak Island" which he starred alongside his brother Rick Lagina. The series focuses on discovering the artifacts or treasure which allegedly have been buried in the Oak Island using sophisticated technologies and global experts. Marty and his brother Rick have been primarily financing the adventure on the island and keep the series running. Besides starring on the show, Marty is a well-flourished businessman who owned a pioneer energy producing company named "Terra Energy". Currently, he is the owner of Heritage Sustainable and is planning to build the largest wind-energy producer in Michigan. He is also interested in wine-growing and is involved in making classic red wines from Villa Mari.

Marital Status and Affairs
Talking about Marty's personal life, there is not much to discuss since he is very reluctant to reveal anything about his wife or married life. It is known that he is married but there is absolutely no information about her wife's identity. He has two children named Alex Lagina and Maddie Lagina and since he is very secretive about his private life, there has not been any information regarding his divorce either.

Height and Weight
Marty, being in his mid 60's looks quite healthy for his age. He is tall with 5 feet and 8 inches in height and has proportionate weight.

Wiki and Facts
Marty is of Italian descent and has a keen interest in making and drinking red wine. He is the owner of Villa Mari Vineyard which produces high quality wine. Further information regarding his bio can be found on various external wiki sites.