Matt Gutman Gay, Married, Wife, Bio and Wiki

Matt Gutman Gay, Married, Wife, Bio and Wiki

Matt Gutman, Gay, Married, Wife, Bio, Wiki

— Thursday, August 3rd, 2017

Date of Birth : Dec 5th, 1977
Age :43 Years old
Widely known for co-hosting popular show "Sea Rescue", Matt Gutman, also referred as Matthew A. Gutman is an American reporter and correspondent for the ABC News. Matt was born in Westfield, New Jersey, US on December 5, 1977 which makes him 39 years old as of 2017. He was under the speculation of being gay but these rumours subsided after he posted pictures with his spouse on social media. Identity of his wife or children has not been revealed yet. Further information regarding his private and professional life can be found in various Wiki sites.

Net Worth and Salary
Matt has reached a successful position in his profession and even though information regarding his net worth or salary is not revealed, it is speculated that his salary and net worth is calculated in millions. Prior to joining ABC News, Gutman was a correspondent based in Jerusalem and covered major events and conflicts in Middle East after graduating from Williams College. According to his bio, Gutman began his career as a journalist in ABC News stationed in Miami in 2008. While working at ABC, he covered significant events including the 2008 US elections, 2008 Olympics in China, the earthquake in Haiti and also anchored shuttle launches for the network. In 2014, Matt commenced hosting the ABC 's popular program "Sea Rescue" which shot his career to new levels. Matt has also appeared in various programs as a reporter of Nightline, Good Morning America, World News with Diana Sawyer and multiple other ABC programs. Gutman's news covering the 2010 Gulf oil slip made headlines along with other praiseworthy news.

Marital Status and Affairs
Due to his secretive personality and reluctance to reveal about his personal life, Gutman was under the suspicion of being gay and having different sexual preferences. He is widely liked by female for his dashing looks and rumours regarding his homosexuality spread like an epidemic. Although not confirmed, but Matt subsided the rumours by posting pictures of his wife in instagram along with his children.  It appears that Matt is happily married to his wife named Daphida and has two adorable children. Due to his reserved personality, he has concealed his wife's identity so it is difficult to know any further information about his wife, getting married and his kids.

Height and Weight
Matt is considered as one of the most handsome heartthrob in television industry and is often praised for his stunning appearance. He has a very appealing outlook and has countless women swooning over his feet. His exact height and weight is yet to be disclosed but he has a fit masculine body with fit physique.

Wiki and Facts
Matt has won an Emmy award for his outstanding performance in the show "Sea Rescue". Matt is active on multiple social networking sites where he frequently updates and interact with his fans. He has more than 41.7k followers in twitter and approximately 12.7k followers on instagram. His Twitter username is @mattgutmanABC. Further information about Matt and his bio can be found in Wiki and other pages found on the internet.