Nick Jenkins Bio, Age, Married, Wife or Partner, Gay, House and Net Worth

Nick Jenkins Bio, Age, Married, Wife or Partner, Gay, House and Net Worth

Nick Jenkins, Bio, Age, Married, Wife or Partner, Gay, House, Net Worth

— Saturday, July 22nd, 2017

Date of Birth : May 4th, 1967
Age :54 Years old
Nick Jenkins is a millionaire businessman and entrepreneur born on May 4, 1967 in Worcestershire, England. As stated in Nick Jenkins’ bio, his nationality happens to be British and his ethnicity white. He was born to British parents as Nicholas David Jenkins and raised as only child. He is a former ‘dragon’ in the BBC Two business series “Dragons' Den”. Nick is famous worldwide as the founder of online greetings card retailer company “”.

Net Worth and Salary
Deservingly, Nick Jenkins’ thrilling net worth stands at almost $200million as of 2016. Latest reports could even show his worth value to be more. He sold his company for a whopping £150 million in 2011, further boosting Nick’s net worth. He first joined Adams' Grammar School after which he started being fascinated by Russian literature. He eventually graduated in the same subject from Birmingham University. Later upon returning to UK, he again joined Cranfield University to study MBA. He graduated in 1998. He travelled to Russia in pursuit of a prominent career for himself. Working as a commodity trader for “Glencore” in Moscow for eight years led him to get ample exposure to outer world and during this he gathered knowledge and experience of business protocols and methodologies. He soon launched an online greetings card retailer company named “”. The name, according to him, was arisen from school where Moonpig used to be his nickname. The company, later sold in 2011 for £120 million, created quite some buzz because of the high-end cutting edge deal. He is currently the new judge of hit BBC series “Dragon’s Den”.

Marital Status
While some confidently claim that Nick Jenkins is a married guy, we have no clue of his wife or partner whatsoever. There are no reports of him being previously married, nor has Nick revealed his partner’s name in public. This is why some assume Nick to be gay. His fans would definitely love for him to open up a little about his love life. Nick has spoken about his dream wife in interviews, but looks like no one has seemed appealing enough to him to get married.

Height and Weight
Having a tall height of over 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 meters) and a heavy weight, Nick is a dashing man for his age. He has maintained his body shape and figure really well, even though having put up a little more weight than usual, recently. Nevertheless, with his cheeky stubble and exuberant personality, and wealth per se, how he is still single is a mystery.

Wiki and Facts
Not a huge fan of Internet, Nick has often criticized social media for causing hyper paranoia and unnecessary rumors. He has slammed tabloids with his viewpoints. This might be the reason he has absolutely despised social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. He can’t be found on any of them sadly. But a man of his stature, one would imagine Nick to at least be present on Twitter. His fans have to be settled in reading Nick Jenkins’ Wikipedia page because other online wiki sites might not be sufficient.