Pam Byse Bio, Wiki, Birthday, Married, Age and Net worth

Pam Byse Bio, Wiki, Birthday, Married, Age and Net worth

Pam Byse Bio, Wiki, Birthday, Married, Age, Net worth

— Monday, August 28th, 2017

Date of Birth : Dec 22nd, 1973
Age :47 Years old
Born on 22 December, 1973, in Los Angeles, California, Pam Byse is majorly known for being the beloved wife of famous Hollywood American actor Morris Chestnut. She is not a media person and occasionally involves herself with the media and entertainment industry. Pam, age 44 is famous in the industry for being seen in major award ceremonies alongside her husband. Pam got married to Morris in 1995 and has given birth to two children. Her exact figures of net worth is still not mentioned.

Early Life and Career
On her bio it was stated that she attended her primary school in Los Angeles and has had a very plain and simple childhood. Apart from attending award ceremonies alongside her husband, she has no link to the entertainment industry and maybe just stays home and takes care of her children. The part about her career and what she did for a living is still unclear and ambiguous since not much is revealed about famous actor Morris Chestnut's wife. On the other hand, Morris has been working in the Hollywood industry for a long period of time now and has given his audience a variety of entertaining movies which include "Boyz  n the Hood", "In the Line of Duty: Street War", "The Last Boy Scout" and many more. Similarly he has appeared on multiple television shows like "Out of All Night", "Not Easily Broken", "Think Like A Man", "Two Can Play At This Game" and "The Best Man Holiday". His outstanding contribution and dedication in his profession has served him well with a high figured net worth. Morris's total net worth in the present year is calculated to be around a whopping $14 million which is shared with his beloved wife Pam. Pam does not really have to do any work since she can enjoy her husband's huge net worth. Pam spends most of her time looking after her children and attending events and award ceremonies giving company to her husband.

Marital Status and Affairs
It is a wider known fact that Pam is married to immensely popular and widely loved Hollywood actor Morris Chestnut. The couple got married sometime during 1995 when Morris first noticed Pam in a club in Atlanta. He took the risk to approach her even though his friend told him that she would not be interested to date him, However, the couple hit it off as soon as they started talking and realized how many things they had in common which led into their marriage. Presently, the couple is leading a happy life together with their two children named Grant and Paige. The couple don't seem to divorce anytime soon since their relationship is going strong.

Height and Weight
Pam Byse, age 44 is a black beauty with youthful looks and does not look at all to be in her 40s. Exact weight is unknown but she stands averagely tall with 5 feet 5 inches in height and has a perfectly curvy body. She appears elegant and beautiful during her occasional appearance on award shows and ceremonies.

Wiki and Facts
Pam Byse is African in ethnicity and holds American Nationality. She has attended many award shows including 45th NAACP Awards, San Diego Convention Center, TV Guide Magazine and many more giving company to her husband. She is not quite active on social media and sadly does not own her Wikipedia page.