Pasionaye Nguyen Bio, Married, Family, Husband and Net worth

Pasionaye Nguyen Bio, Married, Family, Husband and Net worth

Pasionaye Nguyen, Bio, Married, Family, Husband, Net worth

— Thursday, August 31st, 2017

Pasionaye Nguyen is the mother of popular rapper named Tyga. She is famous for appearing with him showing a lot of support for what his son does. Other than that, she is known for living a simple and ordinary life despite all the attention she gets as a mother of a popular artist. She has managed to keep herself away from any media attention telling very little about herself.

Pasionaye’s born date is still not revealed till date given her reserved personality. Regardless, she belongs to an Afro-Asian background and is of American nationality. Moreover, she is of Vietnamese ethnicity. Her mother Kim Nguyen is currently enjoying a normal life in her LA apartment. She spent her early life with her younger sister named Cecilia, Nguyen.

Education and Early Career
Reflecting on her education and qualifications, she has not spoken till date about it. Moreover, her status as a motherly figure of popular artist has not given rise to any curiosity about her education as well as her early life.
Moreover, she got pregnant at the tender age of 16 which tells about her difficult and challenging days since her childhood days. We can only assume that she had pretty poor education privileges which led to such an early pregnancy.

Professional Career
Pasionaye Nguyen has always been hesitant to talk anything about herself. She has hidden a lot of things associating with her life in any way. The only thing that she feels comfortable with is to show support and love for his son. In an interview, she revealed that she did any job which gave her any sort of money and income. Being a mother so young, she couldn’t set a decent career for herself. Thus, there is not much to talk about her professional career as she was involved in any jobs which would give her money to raise her child and give what she couldn’t have.

Personal Life
Pasionaye Nguyen is currently living a single life. While she was very young, she was in the romantic relationship with Mr. Stevenson. They fell in love as they both loved in the city of Compton. Shockingly, she got pregnant with Tyga at the age of 16. According to various sources, Mr. Stevenson had a bad reputation as he often visited jail facing multiple charges. There are even rumors that he even used to abuse her. Unfortunately, Mr. Stevenson got the life sentence in March 1991. Due to this reason, they never got the chance to marry. Moreover, she isn’t married till date. This prompted her to move to Gardena, California to begin a fresh start in her life.
She worked day and night to provide anything that Tyga needed. She sacrificed a lot of things to make Tyga reach where he is now. Even, some sources say that she is responsible for her son’s stage name as Tyga.

Net Worth and Salary
Currently, she is living a decent and luxurious life due to the fame and net worth his Tyga has earned over the years. Talking about her own earning, we can assume that she made very little which was just enough to feed herself and her child. Also, she was not educated enough to have a professional and successful career which could have earned a decent net worth and fortune.

Height and Weight
Pasionaye Nguyen stands at the decent height and weight. She has been able to keep her body in good shape despite her age. However, there are no exact numbers to write down about her body measurements.

Wiki and Facts
Being a reserved and secretive person, she is not active in any of the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, Tyga often posts photos with her showing the innate bond and love between mother and son.