Randi Kaye Bio. Salary, Husband, Bio, Age, and Net worth

Randi Kaye Bio. Salary, Husband, Bio, Age, and Net worth

Randi Kaye, Bio. Salary, Husband, Bio, Age, Net worth

— Sunday, September 10th, 2017

Date of Birth : Nov 19th, 1967
Age :50 Years old
Short Bio
Renowned American journalist and news reporter Randi Kaye is currently working as a television news journalist for CNN and is widely known serving as the investigative reporter for Anderson Cooper 360°. Born on 19 November, 1967 in Florida, USA, Randi turns 50 years in age as of 2017. Information regarding her husband and married life is not disclosed. Her total net worth is estimated to be around $4 million and her annual salary is also calculated to be around $400,000.

Net Worth and Salary
According to her bio, Randi graduated from Boston University in 1989 with a degree in broadcast journalism. Since then, her journey in the profession began and she worked and struggled hard in order to reach the current respectable position that she is in today. Her total net worth accumulated from her career is calculated to be around a whopping $4 million. Likewise her annual salary garnered majorly from her job at CNN is estimated to be around $400,000. Randi started her television career when she appeared on ABC's Nightline and later worked for Peter Jennings. After serving ABC for couple of years, Randi joined various broadcasting channels including KATV located in Little Rock, Arkansas, WFAA-TV located in Dallas, KMSP-TV were she became the host to shoe Everyday Living, WWOR-TV and ECCO-TV in Minneapolis where she served as the anchor. In December 2004, Kaye began working for CNN where her career took a major turn. She became the national correspondent for the renowned broadcast channel and later went on to work as the investigative reporter for Anderson Cooper 360°. While working for CNN, she has also anchored shows occasionally including weekdays on CNN Newsroom and after the departure of the anchor T.J. Holmes, she became the permanent anchor.

Marital Status and Affairs
Talking about Randi's private life, she has kept her personal life quite secret and hidden away from the eyes of the media. Despite being a media personality, her own life is quite secluded. Information regarding her husband and married life is still unknown. She is reluctant to reveal any information about her boyfriend and has never been in any rumours or scandals either.

Height, Weight and Body Measurements
Beautiful blonde Randi Kaye, age 50 has successfully defied her age and looks quite young and youthful. Her energetic and outgoing personality makes her appear more lively. She stands tall with 5 feet 10 inches in height and has maintained her figure quite well. Her body measurements are 37-27-36 and appears elegant in any form of attire.

Wiki and Facts
Kaye is an award-winning journalist who was recognized with an Emmy award for her coverage of Current Business News Story on black market infertility. She is active on social media platforms. Further information on her bio can be obtained from her Wikipedia page and other external Wiki sites.