Ric Edelman Net Worth | How much Ric Edelman Worth?

Ric Edelman Net Worth | How much Ric Edelman Worth?

Ric Edelman Net Worth | How much Ric Edelman Worth?

— Friday, July 21st, 2017

Date of Birth : May 28th, 1958
Age :60 Years old
Frederick Mark Edelman, better known as Ric Edelman is a renowned author and the Founder and Executive Chairman of ‘Edelman Financial Services, LLC.’ born on May 28, 1958. Ric’s bio states that his nationality is American and his ethnicity is white. Highly regarded as one of the most successful financial advisors, he has written books such as “The New Rules of Money (1999)” and hosted radio talk shows like “The Ric Edelman Show”.

Net Worth and Salary
With his actual net worth undisclosed yet, Ric Edelman lives in his $1.8million house in Virginia. Ric’s high and handsome net worth of $50million is clear proof of the fact that his company generates amazing revenue every year. Although he hasn’t clearly stated his wealth and income so details about how much Ric Edelman is worth could be an honest approximation. But wealthy as he is, he drives a BMW 750iL. Edelman’s multi-millionaire career has been further decorated with several awards and honors in the field of financial advising. He has been ranked America’s ‘#1 Independent Financial Advisor’ not just once but three times. Similarly, he was named among the country’s ‘Top 10 Wealth Advisors’ by Forbes magazine. He has been awarded IARFC’s Loren Dunton Memorial Award consecutively in 2016 and 2017. After he launched his own company ‘Edelman Financial Services, LLC.’, his rise to success was only a matter of time from there on. ‘Edelman Financial Center LLC.’ serves a huge number of clients; managing around $7.3 billion for 16,200 clients in average, while generating several millions in revenue. He is the author of about a dozen of books. Some of his most popular books are “The New Rules of Money (1999)”, “Ordinary People, Extraordinary Wealth (2001)”, “What You Need to Do Now (2001)”, “Discover the Wealth Within You (2003)” and “The Lies About Money (2007)”. His books have sold millions of copies around the world. He has been consistently ranked as the top wealth advisors of all time.

Marital Status
Ric Edelman is married to his wife Jean Edelman since 1982. The couple lives a luxurious life in their lavish and exotic house in Great Falls. Ric’s wife Jean is a co-founder of the Edelman Financial Services. Jean helps her husband in the managerial activities.
Height and Weight
Not very tall as one would imagine for the height of his success, Ric Edelman’s approximate height is 5 feet 7 inches (1.69 meters). He is a charming man, with white beard and short hair. His prosperity and success has led him to be an attractive dresser and speaker as well. Ric steals the show everywhere he goes.

Wiki and Facts
With his aggressive style and approach, he has made his personal and professional life fortunate and so is his social life. Fans could specially be the clients he has served over the years, but Ric Edelman’s presence on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook along with other media might be clear cause of his progress. His Twitter account is known to be @ricedelman which has 14.7K followers. And looks like his Twitter fans have swept across in similar numbers to Instagram, because his Instagram also has close to 15K followers which is surprisingly co-incidental. Ric Edelman’s bio in his Wikipedia page and wiki sources could also offer more detailed overview about him.