Rudy Youngblood Bio, Age, Married and Net worth

Rudy Youngblood Bio, Age, Married and Net worth

Rudy Youngblood Bio, Age, Married and Net worth

— Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

Date of Birth : Sep 21st, 1982
Age :38 Years old
Married :N/A
Height :5 Feet 11 Inches
Rudy Youngblood is one of the famous Hispanic actor. The thirty three years old actor is best known for his enthusiastic work in Spirit: The Seventh Fire, Apocalypto, Beatdown, Into the Americas and many more. Making his path to the entertainment sector from the early age, he has gain all the name and fame, while his roles has gave him new height of success. In the contrary, Rudy Youngblood net worth is in million dollars.

Professional Life
Rudy P. Gonzales came into existence after the encounter with actor and director Mel Gibson. Seeing the hidden talents of Gonzales, he was cast as the lead role of Jaguar Paw in the epic movie Apocalypto released in 2006. The movie was a big hit, while the movie deals with the end timing of Mayan culture. The actor learned the Yucatec Maya language in order to appear as the tribesman in the movie. Apart from the big hit movies, he has appeared in several other movies including Beatdown, Into the Americas, Windwalkers and Crossing Point.

Salary and Net Worth
The handsome actor has a great flow of regular big incomes. However, he serve himself as the struggling actor in the past. Living the hard life, he had a real tough time during the starting of his career. He has worked in construction jobs while he has gain great skills in carpentry and laying bricks. But with just one click, he is one of the rising stars. Coming to this point, he has descent income. Whereas, Rudy Youngblood net worth is completely hidden. In the other hand, it’s not that hard to state his net worth to be in million dollars.

Personal Life
Coming to Rudy Youngblood girlfriend, married life and dating status, most of his information is well hidden. He has not disclosed any facts which reflects his relationship and dating status, nor has he been seen with anyone. Some of the source states that he is gay, while he has not stated anything about his sexual orientation. However, he was once linked with Mariana Tosca back in 2005. But at the present time, he seems single.

Height and Weight
Rudy Youngblood has been blessed with splendid height and figure. Girls simply go crazy when he is in shirtless pose. Rudy Youngblood height stands 5 feet 11 inch while he might weight 75 kg. Apart from athletic and sexy body, he has good sense of humor. While, his cheerful behavior and joyful personality makes him favorite of millions fans.

Bio and Wiki
Rudy Youngblood bio includes his born date in 1982, September 21 in Colorado Springs. He was born as Rudy Pena Gonzales while, he changed his name from Gonzales to Youngblood in 2006. Youngblood was raised in small town of Texas with his two younger sister and parents Roberta Gonzales and Rudy Pena Gonzales, Sr. He is active in social platforms such as facebook, twitter and Instagram, while Rudy Youngblood is available in wiki and other bio related sites.