Shereen Nanjiani Bio, Wiki, Married, Husband, Partner and Parents

Shereen Nanjiani Bio, Wiki, Married, Husband, Partner and Parents

Shereen Nanjiani, Bio, Wiki, Married, Husband, Partner, Parents

— Wednesday, July 5th, 2017

Date of Birth : Oct 4th, 1961
Age :59 Years old
Shereen Nanjiani is a well known radio presenter who is currently associated with the BBC Radio Scotland. Early on in her career, she was working at STV Central as chief news anchor. Shereen is the first news anchor of Scots Asian origin and she was also the service presenter at STV for the longest time.

Early Life
Born on 4th October 1961 at Elderslie, Scotland, United Kingdom, Shereen Nanjiani is a Scottish by nationality and ethnicity wise, she is a mixed Pakistani/British descent.  Her parents are known to belong to different ethnicities. Her father was an eye surgeon of Pakistani origin while her mother was a British born teacher. Shereen studied in Paisley at John Neilson Institution. Then she completed her graduation with an MA in Philosophy from Glasgow University.

Career and Net worth
Early on in her career, Shereen Nanjiani worked in Paisley at a Hospital Radio for a short while. Her job there was to gather and read local news cuttings of the whole week. She got an opportunity to work as a trainee journalist at STV in 1983. The big turn came in her career when Sheena McDonald, STV anchor felt ill and Shereen got a chance to present her first news bulletin.
Shereen Nanjiani hosted several programs on STV which included Eikon and Secret Scotland and also many editions of Scottish Politician of the Year Awards. Shereen left STV under a voluntary redundancy on 16th February, 2006. Then she moved to BBC Scotland on 20th June 2006. Shereen presented the program called Scotland Live on every Friday. At present she is hosting a current affairs and live topical news program on BBC Radio Scotland. The show is aired at 10 am on Saturday morning.
The total salary of Shereen Nanjiani is believed to be around $ 200 K USD. However her net worth is still her review.

Personal Life
Shereen Nanjiani has remained quite discreet when it comes to her personal life. She has not married yet and she does not have a husband. However, she is believed to be dating a man named Mark Smith. Nanjiani has not revealed anything related to her relationship with her current partner however is is reported that they are having a fine relationship.
Physical features
Standing at an average height, Shereen Nanjiani has an amazing personality. She has a powerful voice which has given a lot of success in her radio career. Shereen has maintained her body which matches well with her height. She still looks quite fresh and energetic even though she is 55 years old. She has brunette colored hair and her eyes are dark brown in color.

Wiki and facts
More details about the life and career of Shereen Nanjiani is found on various Wiki sites. However she does not have any Wikipedia page. Shereen wants to stay low profile when it comes to her personal life so she is not very active on social media sites.