Steven Yeun Bio, Age, Married, Wiki and Net worth

Steven Yeun Bio, Age, Married, Wiki and Net worth

Steven Yeun, Bio, Age, Married, Wiki, Net worth

— Monday, February 13th, 2017

Date of Birth : Dec 21st, 1983
Age :37 Years old
Net Worth :USD 4 million
Height :5 feet 8 inches
Steven Yeun was born on 21st December 1983 in Seoul, South Korea. He is a Korean American by nationality and Asian by ethnicity. The birth sign of Steven Yeun is Sagittarius. He is also known popularly as Yeon Sang-yeop. Steven is famous actor well known for his work in popular TV series. He has played the lead role in many Television series like The Big Bang Theory, The Legend of Korra, Drunk History, Comedy Bang! Bang!, American Dad, The Walking Dead and Warehouse 13,! At present Steven Yeun is working in the future American crime movie named Chew.

Early Life and career
The father of Steven Yeun, Je Yeun was a famous architect in South Korea and his mother was June Yeun. He grew up in Troy, Michigan, United States. His family had stores beauty supply stores in Detroit, Wayne. He has a younger brother named Brian. In 2005, Steven got his Bachelor's degree from Kalamazoo College with psychology as a major subject and concentration in neuroscience. He had the deep interest in acting since the time he was in college so he also gave auditions but he was rejected.
In 2005, he shifted to Chicago where Stir Friday Night which was a sketch comedy group. After that, he also worked with the Second City in Chicago. IN 2009, Steven Yeun made his debut in Kari Files. He appeared in another American film called Origins. He also worked in movies like Carpe Millennium and Blowout Sale. Apart from that he has worked in many popular TV series and movies.

Personal Life
Steven Yeun is a handsome man and he has an attractive personality. He is of straight sexual orientation. He has been linked up with many attractive lady co-stars in the past. There has been a rumor of his relationship with Lauren Cohan who is his co-star in the TV series Walking Dead. But it is not confirmed if she is the girlfriend of Steven Yeun. Steven Yeun is not married yet but he has been spotted at many places with Lauren Cohan.
Physical features and Net worth
Standing at five feet and eight inches, Steven Yeun is of average height. He weighs 67 kilograms and he has a well-maintained physique which makes him even more attractive. He has dark hair and dark brown eyes. He is a superstar in the Television and Film industry so he earns a huge salary. The net worth of Steven Yeun is estimated to be around USD 4 million. Information in Detail about Steven Yeun can be found on internet websites like Wikipedia and IMDB. He is also active on Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter where his fans and followers can follow his online activities.