Teresa Priolo Bio, Height, Wedding, Husband, Children and Age

Teresa Priolo Bio, Height, Wedding, Husband, Children and Age

Teresa Priolo, Bio, Height, Wedding, Husband, Children, Age

— Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

Date of Birth : Jul 20th, 1983
Age :37 Years old
Married :Daniel
American journalist Teresa Priolo was born on 20th July 1983 in New Jersey, United States as Mary Teresa Priolo. At this moment, Teresa Priolo age is 34 years. There is no much detail regarding her family background. It seems like she, prefer to hide her family life from limelight even after being a celebrity journalist. She is best known as the reporter for the WNYW. She is regarded as the most dedicated professional on screen among her team members.

Career and net worth
At first Teresa Priolo started her career with Fox 5 News in the year 2012 as a general assignment reporter. During her tenure at Fox 5 News, she covered the major news such as Superstorm, Sandy, the tragedy in Newtown and Super Bowl XLVIII. Later she moved KIDK-TV situated in Idaho Falls, Idaho. There she tried her on-air efforts. Prior to this, Teresa Priolo first live television news was in WFSB-TV in Hartford, CT. Similarly, she has worked with other TV stations like TV news, RDF media, WRGB-TV. When she was serving at WRGB-TV, she covered some of major stories like Governor Eliot Spitzer scandal and the mass shooting at Binghamton’s American Civic Association. After gaining all by herself she soon joined WNYW. At that time, Teresa Priolo salary was 40 thousands US dollars per year. On the other hand, she continued working with Fox News as well. And today she is one of the significant parts of the broadcasting industry. It is still not disclosed any figures regarding the Teresa Priolo net worth. It can be believed that she is enjoying such a flourishing career.

Personal life and popularity
While moving into Teresa Priolo personal life, many people wonder that Teresa Priolo married or not. Of course she is a married woman. Her weeding ceremony was held on 25th October 2013. Teresa Priolo husband Daniel was with her for more than 10 years before marriage and today they both have four years of happily married life. There are no clues on Teresa Priolo getting pregnant or having children. After all there is no rumor yet on her personal life. It can be said that the couple is waiting for a right time for a baby. Teresa is equally active in both Facebook and Twitter where she is being followed by a large number of fans and followers. Similarly, her career highlights and portfolio has been featured by many wiki sites including IMDb.