David Axelrod, Bio, Wiki, Wife, Children, Family, Net Worth, CNN

David Axelrod Bio, Wiki, Wife, Children, Family, Net Worth and CNN

David Axelrod Bio, Wiki, Wife, Children, Family, Net Worth, CNN

— Monday, July 24th, 2017

Date of Birth : Feb 22nd, 1955
Age :66 Years old
David Axelrod is a writer and political analyst born on February 22, 1955 in Manhata, New York. Born to mother Myril Bennett and father Joseph Axelrod as David M. Axelrod, from his bio we know that his nationality is American and his ethnicity is white. Currently, David is CNN’s Senior Political Commentator, but is also known for his bestselling memoir book “Believer: My Forty Years in Politics”.

Net Worth and Salary
Even though not a very shocking figure for someone who has been in the business for almost four decades, David Axelford’s net worth of $3million is still something work crediting him for. David’s decent net worth has come from his lifelong works as a political operative. He has majored in Political Science at University of Chicago before graduating from New York's Stuyvesant High School. At the dawn of David’s career, received an internship at The Chicago Tribune. He soon became the City Hall Bureau Chief. For eight years, Tribune received the honor of his coverage of national and local politics. He created his political consultancy firm, “Axelrod & Associates” in 1985. He joined US Senator Paul Simon’s campaign, along with working for the promotion of various black politicians. He was a key part John Edwards' presidential campaign in 2004 and later also served as the chief political adviser for Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chair Rahm Emanue in 2006. David was then actively involved in both of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, since the two’s familiarity and closeness dates way back to 1992. Obaba appointed him a Senior Advisor to the President in 2008, a job which he quit in 2011. But again in 2012, he became a major support to Obama’s re-election campaign and the role of chief campaign strategist became his last ever as a political operative. Post Obama’s second campaign, David is currently the director of Institute of Politics at the University of Chicago. David has been with CNN since 2015, prior to which he had also worked brief periods at NBC News and MSNBC as a senior political analyst.

Marital Status
Few are as lucky as this experienced campaigner when it comes to marital life. David Axelford’s beautiful family consists of his wife Susan Landau and three children. David met his wife some time prior to their marriage. After David and Susan got married in 1979, they had their first child in 1981 who was diagnosed of epilepsy at the age of just seven months. David’s children’s names are Lauren, Ethan and Michael Axelford.

Height and Weight
Quite tall for a man of his age, David’s exact height and weight details aren’t revealed. His personality matches the kind of tough judgments he makes. Known as a firm old man, he is dominant when in charge. Due to his age he currently has white hair and his eyes are almost hazel colored.

Wiki and Facts
David Axelford is an active man for his age. He is abundantly present on the Internet and not just that, he is quite active on social platforms too. His Twitter can be found in the name @davidaxelrod, an account which already has 821K followers. Followers regularly read and follow his tweets and updates. Such huge fan base, unfortunately, isn’t very relevant on Instagram. He isn’t present on Instagram. But David Axelford’s Wikipedia page has ample information about him than any picture could tell. Also check out his bio on other wiki sites.