Dawna Friesen Engaged, Bio, Parents, Husband, Salary and Net worth

Dawna Friesen Engaged, Bio, Parents, Husband, Salary and Net worth

Dawna Friesen Engaged, Bio, Parents, Husband, Salary, Net worth

— Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Date of Birth : Oct 8th, 1964
Age :56 Years old
Net Worth :2.5 million dollar
Married :Tom Kennedy
Height :5 feet 3 inches
Dawna Friesen Biography
If you have watched the popular show Global National then you definitely have noticed the firm, confident and charismatic female anchor of the show. Her exceptional delivering skill and her tough voice might have influenced you like many other audiences worldwide. She is none other than Dawna Friesen. She was born on 8th October 1964 in Winnipeg, Canada. Since her childhood days, Dawna Friesen wanted to appear on television and host shows. After many years of struggle, hard work, and perseverance, now she has become one of the notable names in the news anchoring field. She is 50 years already and there is nothing she hasn't accomplished in these long years of television anchoring career. A few years back, Dawna Friesen reported for CBC Television and CBC News world. They are huge networks based in Vancouver, Canada. After completion of these assignments, Dawna was exposed to further exciting opportunities which she grabbed and thus turned herself into a television presenter star like she had always dreamt of.

Dawna Friesen Parents
People speculate that the parents of the confident news lady might belong to high authority or high class but prove all such speculations are wrong. She belongs to a normal middle-class family. Her parents were nonobservant Mennonites. Her father was a local farmer whereas her mother was a local politician. Dawna used to spend most of her time with her dad so she soon learned most of the farming details. At the age of six, Dawna Friesen already knew how to operate a tractor. As the time passed, both of her parents suffered from dementia. In 2014, she was featured in a program that informed viewers about dementia and how other members of the family coped with the diseased person. She became highly emotional when delivering her experiences to the present audience but controlled herself throughout the program.
Dawna Friesen Engaged and Husband

Many people are highly interested to know the romantic relationship of this confident news anchor. They want to know if her love life is as flourishing as her television career. So as to provide answer those queries, we say, she definitely had a very healthy love life. She dated her boyfriend, Tom Kennedy, of few years. Later, they decided to make their relationship official and got engaged. A few months later, the engaged couple exchanged vows and turned to husband and wife. Dawna Friesen prefers to keep her personal life very private so she doesn't speak or mention about her family in the media or social platforms. Due to such high level of secrecy, we do not have much information about her husband but we definitely know that they are happily married and have no signs of getting the divorce. There is no news of extramarital affairs as well. The duo has a son and wishes to bear more children in the future but they haven't shared the details.
Dawna Friesen Net Worth and Salary
Dawna Friesen is paid a very handsome salary. Since she is an employee of coveted television networks, Dawna is paid thousands of dollars a year as salary. Her net worth is reported to be around 2.5 million dollars. With her growing popularity and ability along with experience, Dawna Friesen's total net worth is sure to see a substantial increment.