Pattie Mallette Bio, Age, Net worth, Height, Husband, Birthday, Boyfriend and House

Pattie Mallette Bio, Age, Net worth, Height, Husband, Birthday, Boyfriend and House

Pattie Mallette Bio, Pattie Mallette Age, Pattie Mallette Net worth, Pattie Mallette Height, Pattie Mallette Husband, Pattie Mallette Birthday, Pattie Mallette Boyfriend and Pattie Mallette House

— Monday, September 10th, 2018

Date of Birth : Apr 2nd, 1975
Age :46 Years old
Short Bio- Who is Pattie Mallette?
Well known Canadian author and film producer, Pattie Mallette is famous for her own autobiography “Nowhere but Up”.  Also, she is well known for being the mother of the famous singer “Justin Biber”. The popular Pattie Mallette bio is given below.

Age- How old is Pattie Mallette?
Born on April 2, 1975, Pattie Mallette was born to her parents Diane M. (Henry) and Bruce Mallette in Stratford, Ontario, Canada. She was born as Patricia Elizabeth Mallette and she has an older brother named Chris. She had an older sister who got killed at the age of 5 when she got hit by a vehicle. She had very bad experiences with her child, as she got molested at the age of around 3.  She got abounded by her father and her childhood was so tragic. Her sexual abuse continued till the age of 14, followed by a date rape at the age of 15.  During her childhood, she had interest in acting and singing and she began appearing on various local television programs including Romper Room and Big Top Talent.  She began using drugs including marijuana, LSD, and alcohol when her age was 14. Being born in Ontario, Pattie Mallette nationality is Canadian and she belongs to White ethnicity.

Net worth and Salary
As being an author, actress, film producer she has appeared in many television series and also has written many biographies. As a film producer, she has also producer various television shows. With the help of her profession, she has been able to generate a massive wealth. She enjoys a massive worth, currently, Pattie Mallette net worth is estimated to be $20 million and the sum net worth along with her son is estimated to be $265 million. She also earns a good salary, which is estimated to be in thousands of dollars.

Since her early age, she was interested in the entertainment industry. At the age of nine, she appeared in various television on local television programs including Romper Room and Big Top Talent. The show was the local television children’s contest. She took various drama and chair classes during her childhood. She earned numerous trophies for her singing and acting and after that, she got signed by a Toronto-based agent.  
Pattie Mallette is also a producer by her profession, she produced a movie Crescendo in 2011 and a musical drama To Write Love on Her Arms in 2012. Besides the entertainment industry, she is also an author she wrote her own autobiography Nowhere but Up in September 2012, which was published by the book publisher Revell.  During the first week of the book release, it got listed as no. 17 on the New York Times Best Seller list.
 Pattie Mallette appeared in various movies and television series including Justin Biber: Never Say Never (2011), The Hour (2012), Justin Biber Believe (2013), and much more.

Is Pattie Mallette married? Who is her husband?
Pattie Mallette has not got married yet, and she became an unmarried mother. Pattie Mallette and her boyfriend Jeremy Bieber met when her age was 15. They got into a relationship but didn’t have married. She got pregnant at the age of 17 with Jeremy. They got separated however she decided to give birth and her first child Justin Biber got born on March 1, 1994. After then she dated Chris Harrison, and since then they are together but hadn’t converted their relationship into husband and wife.

Height and Body Measurements
Pattie Mallette is a cute and short woman. Currently, Pattie Mallette height is estimated to be 4 feet 8 inches and she looks perfect on it. She has maintained a good body figure with average body weight.

Wiki and Social Media
Being a popular personality, Pattie Mallette is active in social media. She can be followed on Twitter as @pattiemallette, on Instagram as @pattiemallette, and on Facebook as @pattiemallette. She has millions of followers on her social media account. More information about her personal and professional life can be found from Pattie Mallette Wikipedia page and other wiki sites.