Tyler Lepley Bio, Girlfriend, Dating, Gay, Parents, Interview and Net Worth

Tyler Lepley Bio, Girlfriend, Dating, Gay, Parents, Interview and Net Worth

Tyler Lepley, Bio, Girlfriend, Dating, Gay, Parents, Interview, Net Worth

— Thursday, June 8th, 2017

Date of Birth : Mar 24th, 1987
Age :34 Years old
Tyler Lepley is an actor born on March 24, 1987 born in Philadelphia. His nationality is American and his ethnicity. Tyler’s parents split up when he was 6 years old; his mother later married his step father. Tyler’s bio suggests his mother to be of Italian descent and his biological father was of Jamaican descent. Struggling through a rough childhood and what has been a tough career, Tyler went on to lament himself as a noted actor. Tyler is known for his role in OWN’s hit show “The Have and the Have Nots”.

Net Worth and Salary
Hard fought success has embraced this young actor as his net worth is necessarily satisfying. Tyler Lepley’s net worth according to his bio is estimated at $600,000. This wealth comes from his earnings as a full time actor, guest appearances, shows and various other projects. Tyler’s education took place in Philadelphia; he joined the Central Bucks High School West. Intrigued by sports from a young age, Lepley was an all-rounder and had serious knacks for football, basketball, karate and boxing alike. He fought back an injury in 2003 that nearly ended his football career. His higher education took place at Kutztown University where he graduated with a degree in criminal justice from. His football career would eventually end by 2007 after a series of charges of fighting and misdemeanor. His hopes of getting a job in the stadiums were stomped and he went through a series of small part time jobs to make a living. This included being a fitness trainer in one of the gyms in LA in 2011. He broke through with an audition for a lead role in the independent horror “Slumber Party Slaughter” after he was encouraged to pursue acting by a stranger producer. His next roles would be waiting for him in the form of shows like “CBS's CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” and The CW's “90210”. He landed a major role in OWN’s show “The Haves and the Have Nots” in 2013. He also played a few other movies after that like “Baggage Claim”, “Ringside” and “Hollywood Chaos”.

Marital Status
This young handsome actor sure has created quite a buzz around the ladies of his age. In a recent interview, Tyler Lepley confirmed that he is single. He has not been rumored to be dating any women by far as per the rumors are concerned. Tyler isn’t dating anyone and has not been married. But this has compelled fans to raise an alternate question- is Tyler gay? Time and again has the “Tyler, gay or not” rumors have created a buzz on the internet. But in Tyler’s recent interview he clearly confessed that he is waiting for his Ms. Right. So it is safe to say that Tyler does not have a girlfriend and is most probably straight.

Height and Weight
In terms of overall body measurements, Tyler can be considered an epitome of perfection. Tyler has a stunning height of 6 feet (1.83 inches) and weight at around 80 kg. Being a physical trainer at the gym has evidently paid off as Tyler possesses natural six pack abs and a muscular body. His abs and huge biceps help him attract anyone immediately on sight. Also a smart dresser, this talented actor is quite a catch. Tyler follows a strict workout routine and dietary.

Wiki and Facts
This 30 year old hunk is admired on social media as much as he is on the silver screen. Tyler Lepley is present on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. On Twitter, Tyler is available as @TyLepley and has 55K followers. Similarly he has double that number of followers on his Instagram with 104K. Catch up with him and his muscular pictures on Tyler’s IMDB page. Tyler’s full bio can be obtained from his Wikipedia as well.